I Hate Your Friends by Ms. Sheenique B

Ms. Sheenique B brings a decidedly fresh twist of creative expression to the new music scene with her latest single I Hate Your Friends. Leading with powerful, emotive vocals, Sheenique B promises classic pop soundscapes and deeply passionate performances. Her take on the unmistakable Hate Your Friends makes for a bold and beautiful introduction to her work but is far from the extent of her notably versatile, uninhibited approach to making music.

Ms. Sheenique B is an emerging singer and songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. She was so passionate about music and writing since her childhood. She is in school for child and youth care at the moment and she hopes to do Art therapy at school and combine her music career with that. As she writes her own songs she can express her feelings freely which makes her song feel closer to our hearts. Her wordplay is really strong too. 

Mainly she writes songs about love and the feelings you have when you are in love and her experiences of love and heartbreak. Her previous single “2 Years” was about her relationship with her girlfriend. Through her music, she wants to express her feelings and relax her mind as well as be a strength to everyone going through similar situations in their own lives.

Gravitating to often dark and reflective topics that are both personal and accessible to a broader audience, Sheenique B’s music draws focus to the issues in this world and our current society. Sheenique B’s mighty vocals and intense arrangements bring with them a clear air of eclecticism, intention, and artistic power. Though far from the beginning of her journey, 2021 undoubtedly marks a huge step outwards into the pop world, with plenty of new releases in the pipeline.

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