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VISMIXMONO1” is definitely a soulful anthem for the smiling faces of the summer. IKENNA CHIE  is an amazing artist that takes a touch of influence from various soulful directions, and actually, this latest release tips its hat to everything from soul music, even so far as grunge with those distorted soundscapes. These make for what is a pretty infectious and memorable riff, one that shows itself intermittently among an energetic and uplifting musical backdrop, a string of passionate, believable vocals, and a set of harmonies or choir section that adds further melody and re-emphasises the pop element of the whole thing.

IKENNA CHIE ’s music has been primarily of a dark or industrial nature before now, never lacking in meaning, but not so openly relating to something so positive and powerful – the concept of hope, the prospect of a brighter future, our innate ability to move forwards through difficult times and come out stronger on the other side. For all of these reasons and more, VISMIXMONO1” is a stunning release.

There’s something addictively fresh about this latest release from the artist “IKENNA CHIE “. From the very first moment, the high quality and character of the production is crystal clear, and as the vocals come into play, this creatively structured yet undeniably focused piece of music and lyricism unfolds. The opening simplicity of those distorted bass notes sets a humble yet effective scene within which the upcoming, leading voice can completely thrive and overwhelm its audience.

Production wise the music is on point, creatively and professionally crafted and so well mixed. The accompanying video allows you a real bit of insight as to who these creatives are and what was potentially the intended output of these songs – what was going through their minds, what these particular moments of expression came from. These are the first few steps for “IKENNA CHIE”  in coming out from behind the scenes and being more vocal, rather than just producing. 

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