I’m a Savage by Gmoney

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Introducing a truly talented and multifaceted artist, Gmoney is someone who is not afraid to experiment with his sound and go against the grain. “I’m a Savage” is the newest release from the artist, and it is a perfect example of his ability to create something unique and fresh.

Gmoney is a Colorado Springs-based rapper and beatmaker. He creates beats and writes songs, as well as produces music. He is willing to collaborate with anyone who is also willing and enjoys doing so. Gmoney loves music and enjoys working with all different types of it. He feels that everyone should enjoy music and works to make that happen.

The track “I’m a Savage” starts off with a simple yet catchy beat that instantly grabs your attention. Gmoney’s flow is smooth and effortless, making it easy to vibe out to the track. The lyrics are clever and well-written, and they tell a relatable and captivating story. The song is also incredibly catchy, with a hook that will stay stuck in your head for days.

There’s some smooth, well-syncopated rapping with a vocal hook by a female artist that really stands out, which is a great contrast to Gmoney’s delivery.

The production on the track is top-notch and creates a perfect soundscape for Gmoney to do his thing. The mix is clean, and the levels are all balanced perfectly. The song sounds great on speakers and would be perfect for driving or working out. I’m a Savage is a track that is sure to get you moving, and it’s an excellent example of Gmoney’s artistry. 

If you’re looking for something new and exciting, be sure to check out this artist. You won’t be disappointed.

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