I’m a Savage by GMoney

Hip hop’s GMoney offers his most enticing and engaging music yet, I’m a Savage, while already being famous for an amazingly inventive and compelling contribution to the modern scene.

I’m a Savage is a modern-day anthem, intensely personal yet approachable in style and vulnerability, with just enough individuality or character to the performance and changing flow to readily generate a sense of unmistakable talent.

Robert Dismuke, aka GMoney is a rapper and beatmaker from Colorado Springs, CO. He started making music years ago and has been honing his skills ever since. His music is a mix of rap and hip-hop, and he draws inspiration from all sorts of music and life experiences. He’s always working on new music and plans to release more singles soon. 

I’m a Savage mirror the thoughts of its writing in a profoundly hypnotic manner, shifting gears and being creatively surprising. Throughout this two-minute and twenty-nine-second trip, chaos and unity coexist as the GMoney voice speaks out in both musical identity and lyric, connecting on a significantly human level.

GMoney maintains a humble, somewhat exhausted, and quietly expressive tone throughout the track’s varied speeds. Everything is understated but endearing, calm but powerful in passion and intent.

The whole thing is subtle but powerful, leaving a sense of deserving escapism that’s easy to get lost in. Hopefully, the Colorado-based artist will release more music in the future. 

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