I’m a Savage by Gmoney 

Gmoney is an artist bringing a fresh perspective and sense of identity to the alternative hip-hop world. This awesome soul’s latest audio of ”I’m a Savage” presents a captivating animation that accompanies and enhances the poignancy and openness of the song in a striking way.

Gmoney is working his way up in the world of independent music, this latest release highlights his lyrical abilities and his flawlessly rhythmic flow in a strong way. At the same time though – the track offers something refreshingly unusual, musically speaking.

I’m a Savage” emerges with a detailed soundscape that seems to fuse elements of industrial hip hop with those of a partly EDM-inspired aura. The soundscape that steps forth intermittently creates an atmospheric and very real, organic food. Alongside this, you get the occasional electronic sound, some of which appear like sirens, and some other snippets or layers that add further to this sense of the streets; the manic energy, the busyness, the color.

Throughout the track, there are several instrumental flickers of character that quickly become the central or recognizable riffs you take away with you after listening. Along with this are the progressive melodic moments, the key change – subtle as ever, but beautifully effective in keeping things moving and interesting. Gmoney ’s driving voice meanders along the ambiance with a flawless ability to meet each changing note and each rising level of passion. The more times you hear this play, the more immersive and enjoyable it becomes.

I’m a Savage” is undoubtedly a track with depth, it means something real and quite heavy to the artist, and you can hear this not just through his words but through his passionate and stern delivery of them. The compelling soundscape strengthens the cause and makes this an easy piece to re-visit. A mighty release that ticks more than a few boxes thanks to its skillful combination of relevant truths and entrancing artistry.

The song’s lyrics are far from ground-breaking in the ideas he expresses and the manner in which they do so, but the point of this is that it makes it all accessible – there’s nothing complicated, and everything is suggested in an easy-to-gather manner, so any and every listener can relate and can choose to ponder these thoughts with the artist as the song pours out around him. The soundscape makes for the perfect environment in which to consider all of this and our own roles within it. When you listen at volume, there’s an energizing effect to the song, and this – in line with the lyrics – gets you seriously wondering if there’s more to life than the simple routines we fall into.

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