I’m a Savage by Gmoney

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Gmoney ’s latest offering “I’m a Savage” is a passionate, hip hop fusion, with an addictive hook and a powerful message. The artist presents listeners with an undeniably memorable melody, from verse to pre-chorus to chorus – everything leaves its mark, and the leading vocal carries each moment flawlessly.

The lyrics are simple but effective, the imagery is powerful as it conjures up certain emotions that tie in well with the concept. The verses express the issues, and the hook expresses one of the only currently accessible solutions. As the song develops, the drive for change increases in presence and intensity, and the music reinforces all of this really well. The artist offers another wonderful voice in an ever-important and, hopefully, growing ocean of hope and positive influence. Well worth supporting.

The track in its entirety seems to be soaked in a dreamlike layer of reverb, which in a way furthers the effect of the easy-going vibe – there’s nothing jarring or loud about the music. Furthermore, the vocal performances featured throughout are flawless – always stylish and creative in his delivery of melody and lyricism. The structure of the track draws focus to the alternating voices in a really effective way. The leading riff is fairly minimalist, but it works – it immediately wins your attention and affection, and it also becomes familiar and comforting in an instant.

“I’m a Savage” is mesmerizing. The strength of it comes through in the way the music sets the scene – the structure, the development, the detail – there is nothing left to do when the track plays out, but be swept away by its power and its story. The opening few moments lay a peaceful ambiance – the reverb-soaked flickers of a female vocal, the gentle and dreamlike synths – then the build-up comes, and what’s great about it is that it takes its time to climb; there’s no predictability to the drop, and that can be a difficult thing to achieve these days. The energy varies and veers off in numerous directions, taking you with it, and the return to the essence of the track is always appropriate. 

The leading vocal melody being so drenched in reverb makes the lyrics something of a distant flicker of poetry and emotion – it’s actually an intriguing effect, you can pick up the lyrics, the energy ties in well with classic rap and hip-hop, though there’s a definite sense of personality to the words throughout, and this gives audiences something to really relate to.

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