I’m a Savage

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Introducing Gmoney, an artist who is bringing a fresh perspective and sense of identity to the alternative hip-hop world. Bridging the gap between hip hop and rap, Gmoney’s most popular single, I’m a Savage, is a unique blend of both genres that is sure to get your head nodding.

Gmoney first burst onto the scene over a year ago with his debut single; I’m a Savage. Since then, he has been making waves in the underground hip-hop scene with his catchy beats and clever lyrics.

I’m a Savage was originally released on SoundCloud, but it quickly gained traction and was soon picked up by major hip-hop blogs and websites. The single boasts chill and upbeat vibes, making it the perfect song to listen to whether you’re getting ready to go out or just chilling at home.

I’m a Savage flow with EDM and trap undertones, giving it a unique sound that is all Gmoney. His lyrics are honest and reflective, providing listeners with a glimpse into his life and thoughts.

Quietly immersive by nature, the song pulls you in with its mellow yet infectious beat. And once you’re hooked, Gmoney’s clever lyrics and smooth flow will keep you hooked until the very end.

The warm and refreshing sound of I’m a Savage is the perfect introduction to Gmoney’s musical style. Excellent production quality combined with Gmoney’s impressive lyrical skills makes I’m a Savage a must-listen for any hip-hop fan.

Listen to I’m a Savage below, and be sure to follow Gmoney on Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter to stay up-to-date with new releases.

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