In Love by Ultramonk 9 (Feat. Ul’Trasia aka Gangsta Kitty)

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Ultramonk 9 (Feat. Ul’Trasia aka Gangsta Kitty) offers up some awesome vibes on this latest single In Love. A simple ambiance emerges, an EDM warm beat and a few distant synths bring through awesome and amazing. Alongside of this, Ultramonk 9’s leading voice drives with a modern EDM style and tone – equally rhythmic, laid back in performance style and also in the subject matter and this whole portrayal of the little things and the good or hard times surrounding them.

In Love is a track with a unique musicality in itself, this retro soundscape emerges – nostalgic synths and tones make up the outer edges of the experience. Then you get Ultramonk 9’s leading voice, an accessible timbre and a relatable style that offer further nostalgia in some ways, though his ideas undoubtedly deal with a more modern view of the world. Where many of the lines have a strong aura to them, many others burst through with intensity and angst. Ultramonk 9’s passion throughout weaves around you in varied degrees, reacting accordingly to the lyrics and the current point within the story.

It takes a couple of listens to gather a full view of this single and what it’s about, but from a simple musical perspective – the sound is incredibly appealing. Ultramonk 9’s performance is easy to like – confident, characterful, partly poetic and partly hardcore. The production is crisp and colorful in a totally new way. There’s also plenty of melody in the backdrop, much more so than in the majority of modern day EDM releases.

The creativity seems endless and with each new listen this entire track grows more and more impressive and enjoyable. The more you get into this, as it reappears in your playlist, there’s a personal touch to the song and a sense of truth that you come to appreciate more and more. The clever contemporary references are just a small part of it, there’s a sense of turmoil and emotional difficulty running throughout many of the details – showcasing another side to the artist; one that audiences are likely to connect with on a deeper and more lasting level. 

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