Irony by Soloj

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This is the kind of track that stands out boldly from its peers in terms of how effectively the vast, creative input fuses with the professional and stylish output.

There’s a freshness to the sound, part of this is the undeniable experimentation featured throughout – at no point is the track predictable or a victim to complacency. And yet, at the same time as this, there’s a soothing feeling of repetitiveness; a hypnotic ambiance unfolds as you listen – just as you hope it would when seeking out new soul or rap to rhythmically mellow the day away.

The track has a great vibe, it’s addictive; the rhythm is consistent, so it keeps you captive, but the sounds are all very unexpected and unusual. The leading riff has a retro and fairly simplistic nature to it, yet the choice of notes add to the vibe, they add to the intensity, which somehow builds and builds despite the music seemingly remaining on the same plain throughout. It’s a clever bit of production, and it’s always interesting at all times. It’s the sort of music that is difficult to place within a certain environment, but then without a doubt will fit quite brilliantly amidst whatever it is that you’re doing when you hit play. It’s fun, it’s atmospheric, and it’s easy to get into.

Irony” is a song loaded with feeling. The emotion inherent in the theme and the lyrics is presented in an incredibly powerful and honest manner by the artist’s leading voice. His performance is strong and confident, yet also very genuine – the feelings are real, the passion is consistently evident, and all of this comes through with just a single listen. The sound of his voice in itself is massively unique – it’s the perfect kind of voice for a rap artist, but it’s also loaded with soul and style and character, which is something quite rare, and this makes the song sound even more believable, memorable, and real.

Structurally the song has a lot going for it. The verses pull you in well, the hook holds your attention – melodically and rhythmically – which is brilliant. The artist has utilized his own creativity in more ways than one, and so not only are the musical performances all well executed and all doused in just a little bit of that crucial personality, but there’s also originality in the way the song itself develops and changes.

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