Jagged Edge by Stray Tablet

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Jagged Edge” by “Stray Tablet” is a huge album. Stunning production at every moment means that from the minimal and up front nature of the first few bars right through to the thick and explosive energy of the final section, everything strikes hard. The intro alone, as simplistic an idea as it is, pulls you in with its creative reach. Then as the soundscape steps up to center stage, there’s a touch of nineties nostalgia to it all, and on top of everything you get the power of that leading vocal. The verse vocal is loaded with character and honesty, the words speak a truth that only the artist can choose to explore and share, the sort that breathes new life into industrial rock and grime. The speed and swagger of the performance is superb.

If anything, the track is awesome and that’s the nature of the game. Better to leave them wanting more than to overstay your welcome. The energy of the track is intense and the vibes it brings offer something of an uplifting, inspiring, motivational mood that lingers long after listening. For a genre that is titled so as to appear less than clear or crisp or clean, this particular offering is as stylishly crafted and finished as possible, and it works brilliantly in the context of the music.

Musically speaking the song has the simplicity of industrial rock fused with a gorgeously soothing leading vocal. The simplicity leaves plenty of space around the core ideas of the songs, so you’re left alone with these words and these reflections on life, and this is what makes it all strike with such power. The switch from the verses to the hook holds immense strength due to both the notable contrast and the skillful nature of the writing and the production. The music builds and builds throughout, and the artist’s leading voice follows suit superbly – always adjusting to that increasing emotion and passion.

The song possesses one of the most memorable and provocative hooks I’ve heard in a long time. The melody washes over you in a way that makes any length of time seem too short, increasing the chances of you pressing repeat, perhaps again and again. Beautiful sounding music makes every moment brighter in itself, but when you get the songwriting chemistry just right, which is rare, and difficult, something about it just changes your entire day. One for the long term playlist, for sure.

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