Jenny by Tokyo Blazin’ aka “The Reggae Rock Sensation”

TOKYO BLAZIN’ is a Reggae-Rock Band based in Tokyo, Japan which plays exclusively sunshine vibes and feel-good music. “Jenny” is their recently released track to all the audience out there with an awesome vibe. Andy on Guitar & Lead Vocals, Tommy on Bass Guitar, Alberto on Lead Guitar and Mike on Drums – Someone comes up with an idea and then they write songs collectively in a series of Jam sessions all around Japan as well.

Jenny” is an infectiously hard-hitting track and The band offer something of a Reggae Rock Incubus approach to creativity, fusing elements of reggae with something that is notably more melodic and characterful. It’s a brilliant sound, in my opinion, incredibly refreshing at this point in time, and this particular song has been thoughtfully crafted with every new section offering something interesting and cleverly detailed.

You quickly acclimatize to Tokyo Blazin’s vocal style and musicality because there’s something comfortingly nostalgic about it. We’re thinking about the days when story-telling and passion were at the heart of Reggae – not speed or volume or hype. There’s a realness to their words and to their approach to expression, plus the track is decidedly creative on top of this, so what you get is something that effectively stands tall among its peers.

“Jenny” has a lot that speaks loudly but in a subtle way. The instrumental break and these spoken word snippets – talk of electrical signals in the brain – as well as the consistent choir of voices, and any number of other details that build it all up around you – all of this works in favor of what quickly becomes an unexpectedly unusual piece of music and performance. There are flickers of reggae music mixed in, a fine balance between the organic and electronic worlds, and alongside all of this is the artist’s voice, their words, and their unwavering dedication to the craft.

The melody also changes several times, keeping you involved and hooked on the concept and the progressive, evolving stages of the show. This creates a consistent level of contrast that makes those later, heavier moments hit with absolute impact. Contrast is key and the band has mastered it on this single. The hook melody is insanely good, and even as the song continues, there are still more moments that will surprise and hold onto your attention. Well worth a look.

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