Jim Ittenbach and Troubled Spirit by The Fight

Troubled Spirit is an original rock band based in the Baltimore/Washington DC area and fronted by singer, songwriter, flutist, and guitarist Jim Ittenbach. If you are into classic rock music, you are going to love this. “The Fight” is an absolutely mind-blowing track by Troubled Spirit.

The song really captures the experience of living and the search for meaning in your life. It’s is professionally crafted and skillfully performed. While it has its roots in classic rock, it comes through in a fresh and deeply personal manner.

The whole thing is unique, awesome, and polished. Once you listen to this song, you definitely want to hear it again and again. It is rare to hear this combination of instrumentation in such a powerful performance.

You will hear the most amazing flute performance in this piece that adds a unique touch until the end. The songwriter did exactly what was necessary to draw you in and keep your attention throughout. As things progress, the soundscape explodes, not through additional instrumentation, just through genuine passion and unwavering vocal ability. It’s effective exactly as it is.

Jim Ittenbach and Troubled Spirit’s skillful performance brings good music to audiences all over the world. There’s passion & power to it, bringing the production alive, showcasing a variety of creative freedom as well as undeniable precision & skill.

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