Journey Together by Michael Kwok

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Journey Together” by “Michael Kwok” is a track that comes through initially as an instrumental ambiance, fusing energetic piano chords with an awesome touch. Alongside the instrumentation is a characterful, great melody that moves from the gentle to the powerful and with genuine and effortless smoothness. The sound has character in more ways than one, the song’s structure plays a big part in this, as does the varying instrumentation.

For what emerges as a gentle piano ballad, led by a stunning performance of the instrument, the song evolves into something mighty and striking. The music builds in the way that classical pop songs build, the sort that make the final few moments of any epic or love themed movie. In this case though, it represents much more than that – an ode to a life well lived, well loved, and deeply treasured. It’s emotional to witness the rising energy of the music, and then there’s Michael Kwok’s soundscape – gradually increasing in passion and intensity as the scene moves by. It’s a beautiful touch, soft and delicate at first, almost whispered, later bursting into life as this powerful and captivating performance that meets the weight and drama of the music flawlessly.

The final element involved in this piece of musical artistry is the melody, and you really have to appreciate the detail, the story telling, and the smooth and genuine movement from the past to the now within a less than five minute space. From the light hearted memories of the opening verse. The arrangement of these music work in unison with the development of the music and showcase sublime songwriting abilities and structural awareness.

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