Just So Over it by Trilogy

“Trilogy” brings the good vibes with his recent release “Just So Over it”. The track puts forth the mellow and awesome style of music that is instantly calming, and the artist’s voice on top of this fits perfectly. Trilogy is an up-and-coming band from Chicago with a passion for writing tunes with relatable narratives. Brothers Zach and Gabe are a multi-talented duo who compose and play all instruments on their tracks within their family. Drawing inspiration for their music from real-life experiences, they are building a steadily increasing catalog of engaging earworms.

It’s a pleasure to hear something with meaning, delivered in a confident and effortless sounding manner, mixed in among a musical soundscape that really allows and encourages you to relax, to listen intently, and to think a little deeper for yourself; about the issues presented, and about your own role in the world.

The honesty of the song is perhaps the most interesting element of it all; with this kind of musical backdrop, there is often a distant or abstract sense of the subject matter. In this case, the song has something very personal and real about it, and furthermore – the leading vocal is immediately easy to warm to. There’s a brilliant bit of character to the voice, and this is backed up superbly by a string of stunning harmonies and instrumental performances, all of which help reinforce this sense of honesty and realness.

The sound is hugely likable, at every turn there’s evidence of an intricate and thoughtful creative process, and the effort behind it all has more than paid off. The energy of the music is, as mentioned, uplifting from the offset. The concept and the key idea or hook are unusual enough to stay with you after listening, and accessible enough to make it something that we can all relate to and appreciate.

The song has taken a musically minimalist approach, a laid-back level of instrumentation, which is the perfect choice when you listen to the strength of the artist’s leading vocal and the raw and genuine nature of the lyrics. The simplistic musicality leaves plenty of space for the realness to step forwards and really wow listeners. You get to witness the depth and feeling of the song as it slowly builds and builds, and the effect is striking – there are few singers that can withstand this sort of stripped-back musical ambiance, and furthermore, stand so tall and strong amidst it. Trilogy’s voice has an effortless beauty and power about it that carries the meaning of the song with flawless accuracy.

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