Let It Be – The Beatles (Cover by Shanelle Rudrigo) by Shanelle Rudrigo

Shanelle Rudrigo’s latest cover song, “Let It Be,” showcases a sophisticated and seductive new talent and a stunning set of live graphics, first lost in the moment. The composition hits the mark with a clean and bright presentation and a strong sense of realness and closeness at its core.

Shanelle is a 13-year-old London-based singer-songwriter who enjoys playing the piano and guitar. She began singing and playing the piano at an early age. Her love for music grows all the time, and she hopes to inspire the next generation to pursue a musical career. She is heavily active in the creation of new music as well as the cover of her favorite artists.

The cover catches the intimacy and delicacy of both piano and voice, with a few subtle natural world tastes intertwined to set the scene truly. It’s blissfully clean and sharp to listen to. We are led through the smoking streets of yesteryear all at once.

With soft and soulful voice tones poured like the sweetest of icing over the pops and creaks of arpeggiating piano and assurance and swagger that’s entirely merited, it’s an outstanding presentation.

Shanelle Rudrigo leads the charge with a soulful voice bred to enchant with these sweet melodies and exquisite ambiances. Her latest song, “Let It Be,” entices listeners from the start with its simple purity and soul, but it continues on to wrap listeners in an entirely rhythmic, increasingly welcoming feel and mood.

As evidenced by this tune, Shanelle Rudrigo drives with an obvious love for music and the positive vibes it can provide an audience. The work as a whole has been produced with a careful balance of skill and emotion, resulting in an impressive and delightful piece of music.

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