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“G-Ness” has written a quickly enjoyable song for his latest release. LONELY” offers a lot in the way of that big band, hip hop, almost rap joy style of musicality, and it’s a memorable, undeniably warm track – loaded with good vibes, soul, and a dash of hip hop. G-Ness and Eddie are two artists that are just starting their career and have a lot of brilliant ideas and a lot of talent to show to the world. 

G-Ness ft Eddie, artists who quite clearly have that something special about his voice – and his openness when writing – to really reach out to a wider audience. LONELY” is beautiful, minimally set-up so that the power is in the vocal delivery and the gentle, raw sound of that instrument. Even the electronic vibe, despite the seemingly clean-cut nature of the melody, has a very genuine and soulful sound to it – it feels like an on-the-spot performance, so real and passionate in itself. As an accompaniment for this – a stunning song, looking at love from a different angle – it works perfectly.

There’s character and mystery to this release, it feels comforting and simple in some respects, but the repetition of that line, that idea, and the overwhelmingly joyful and vintage sound of the synths and the gaming-like beats creates an unexpected contrast and adds to an already mystifying, unpredictably appealing experience.

LONELY” is a track that has three or four very distinct elements to it – each of these work well in carving their way into your consciousness. After only a minute or so of listening you familiarize yourself with the journey. There are certain evolutionary points for sure, the sounds seem to get slightly higher, more intense, more chaotic, but they simultaneously refuse to change very much at all. 

The more you listen to this, the harder it hits. The intro leads you menacingly into the raw intensity that follows. And once the beat hits, the addictive nature of the experience truly overwhelms. Those haunting melodies in the distance become your comforting source of escapism. There’s familiarity in the progression, in the distance – the disconnection strangely connects you to the music, so you eagerly await those drops, those changes, those climactic moments.

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