Love the Pain by Jcarbonell

Proving time and time again that a lasting demonstration of talent and determination combined with professionalism can rarely be found in a single track – that dedication, substantial songwriting, and mastery of the craft are required. “Love the Pain” by Jcarbonell is a superbly crafted, increasingly captivating new song that quickly progresses from good to fantastic to superb over the course of its duration.

Simple scene-setting and a catchy beat meet with lots of room to accompany an intense mystery vocal line, clean-cut and refreshingly direct, to carry you through “Love the Pain’s” confidence and grit.

The superficial gloom of the vocals and the casual swagger of the words and the delivery set the tone for raising the standard and refusing to conform to expectations.

The beauty of a track like this is that it doesn’t strike you like a ton of bricks. Instead, it takes a deftly gentle, easy-going, and upbeat approach, providing a classically led mood – a little eighties-like with its delicate synths and general warmth.

The song combines this with a gently raspy, intimate yet sinister vocal line that soon becomes captivating, very sympathetic, and continually stunning as the track progresses through its nearly three-minute duration.

Throughout this short piece, Jcarbonell has effortlessly demonstrated his flair and adaptability. For real, authentic music lovers, “Love the Pain” is likely to be a must-have.