Make Me Believe by Ban Dough

Introducing Make Me Believe, a simple yet gorgeously immersive, dreamy, and colorful new single from Ban Dough, who is always professional while also refreshingly innovative.

Make Me Believe opens with lovely vocals that wander from superficial depths to more intricate, long-form, and brighter melodies later on, with the simple comfort and uplift with an almost warm style synth evolution and a crisp yet not too fast-paced tempo.

Make Me Believe features a light and pleasant soundscape, slightly tropical in tone but unfussy in layers, and undeniably pop-driven in its chord structure and build-up, with quiet vocals for a captivating, anthemic resolution that’s subtle yet unforgettable.

Ban Dough’s performance, which leans towards the nostalgic echo of classic RnB and dance-pop, is flawless in terms of tone and creation. The finished track is linking for its passion and precision combined and the sheer tuneful nature of the riffs and vocal hook, which ring out with clear authority.

Ultimately retaining a quiet yet pleasing vibe throughout, the tune feels like a modern hit, a mid-album standout piece with a particular brilliance and a welcoming blending of genres.

Make Me Believe, which features distinct vocals with that gentle and laid-back Ban Dough sound, as well as a framework that allows each melodic development to become catchy in its own anthem-like way, increases the pulse, and illuminates the room all at the same time, is an instant classic.

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