MOONLIGHT by G-Ness and Eddi

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MOONLIGHT is a heavy new track that fuses a thick wall of distorted darkness with gritty and equally awesome writing. The onset of intense fuzz sets the bar from the start, the music leaves no room for thought or for quietness, and that finish is notably retro in nature – adding a fully immersive sense of nostalgia to the experience.

The song is surprisingly lyrically dense, the vocal pours through fairly relentlessly, but the rhythm of its delivery is so in tune with the natural pulse of the music that you barely notice it as anything other than another instrument – which works well, you fall into the journey with ease. Certain lines do break through though and make certain you hear them. Those words echo out among the weight of the soundscape and leave you with an overwhelming understanding of precisely what this track is all about. It meets its purpose well, and everything from the title to the artwork to the instrumental set-up reflects that underlying sentiment effectively.

The soundscape for this release is fairly minimalist, as is the case for the vast majority of hip hop tracks – the performance is where the energy comes in, the concept and the intention behind the song. In this case, the vocal takes its time to step into view, but once it’s there it doesn’t fall away or falter until the end. The flow is pretty flawless, in keeping with the natural movement and rhythm of the beat, appearing as if merely another instrument yet offering up those all-important lyrics that help make this the motivational and inspiring anthem that it is. An easily recognisable one, too.

As artists G-Ness and Eddi, delivers with an impressive vocal flow and a subtle yet genuine level of emotion and confidence so as to really give the performance weight. The vibe is strong within the style, but the track on the whole has a sense of originality about it and introduces the rapper as maybe a little more poetically thoughtful than most. Clever word-play and honesty intertwine throughout, letting you witness the realness alongside something quirky and ultimately very memorable.

MOONLIGHT is a big track, not overwhelming you with effects or volume – not needing to – just riding through on the strength of its own concept, the energy of that leading performance, and the sharp finish production-wise. It’s always exciting to listen to releases that showcase an artist putting a little more thought and artistry into their music, particularly in hip hop right now – since the genre has become so over-saturated with simple and notably similar releases. 

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