MTP – Love, Drugs & Money [Official Video]

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MTP, a 24-year-old rap sensation from New Jersey, unveils his latest single, “Love, Drugs & Money,” a captivating track that blends storytelling with raw emotion. Known for his heartfelt music that resonates deeply with listeners, MTP continues to make waves in the rap and hip-hop scene.

“Love, Drugs & Money” offers a candid look into MTP’s life experiences, exploring the complexities of love, the lure of drugs, and the pursuit of money. With his sharp lyricism and authentic delivery, MTP crafts a narrative that is both personal and universally relatable.

As a young white rapper from New Jersey, MTP brings a fresh perspective to the genre, combining his unique background with a genuine passion for storytelling. This track is a testament to his ability to connect with audiences through honest and introspective music.

Discover the powerful narrative of “Love, Drugs & Money” by MTP, now available on all major streaming platforms.

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