Multiples by Jtbtheartist

“Multiples’ ‘ from JTBtheartist is a beautiful new track that combines dreamy sound with stunningly delicate, solid, and swift vocals, as well as scene-setting and story-telling.

Juvey the Barber the Artist, often known as JTBtheartist, is a well-known rapper and barber from Gwinnett County, a suburb of Atlanta. Jtbtheartist started to trim hair as a child and went on to open his own barbershop and hair salon, but music has always been his first love. He used to record his raps and mail them to record labels he saw on cd sleeves in the hopes of getting a contract. Jtbtheartist is clearly one of Atlanta’s “next up” artists now that he’s created his own style. His music is available for flowing on all platforms under the moniker ” JTBtheartist.”

As “Multiples” tastefully fills the space, hip-hop music vibes meet exquisite rhythm and togetherness. The instrumental trip fascinates and entertains every step of the way, with an intelligent framework emerging in place of lyrics, finally creating a journey that enthralls without excess.

Moments of silence are well contrasted with those that come in with a little more vigor and bounce. Throughout this piece, you will encounter several nuances and details that once again demonstrate exceptional musical skill levels and thoughtfulness.

“Multiples” begins the proceedings and swiftly progresses from simple rhythms to mesmerizing, deliberately unexpected loops of vocals and samples aplenty. Offering an addictive energetic ambiance reminiscent of late-night / early-morning club or festival moments.

“Multiples” by JTBtheartist is an intriguing new single that is difficult to categorize in terms of the genre yet is refreshing in that it is so difficult. Realness is achieved by the artwork and concept and through a strong sense of one’s own identity.

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