Needs(Greed) by Chilldren of Indigo

Artistry and personality coexist in Chilldren of Indigo’s latest release, “Needs(Greed),” carrying you through this nearly three-minute journey and holding you calm as thoughts fill your mind.

Soulful? Funky? Psychedelic??? Are you headbanging? Is it hip-hop? Chilldren of Indigo is that band; a diverse and skilled bunch of multi-instrumentalists draw inspiration from many sources, including Black Sabbath, Fugazi, Kendrick Lamar, Billie Holiday, and Wu-Tang Clan. AND MUCH MORE. The Wu-Tang Clan, on the other hand, is BY FAR their favorite clan.

Jo Indigo (vocals) and Jay Indigo (production, guitar, and keys) first met in October of 2014, and the music hasn’t stopped since. Although it began as a studio project, they have elevated their live performance and have played famous locations such as the Granada Theatre and the House of Blues. Thanks to recent arrivals, Mark Phillips (drums) and Dago Beats (production & bass), the sound continually evolves.

Chilldren of Indigo is a difficult band to describe in a few words. The genre-bending Dallas, Texas natives appear to rebuild their sound with each release.

It’s a simple delight to have this presented for you. The sound is now refreshing, partially nostalgic, and partly truly new and thrilling. The song has a vital air of relevance to it — the times of today resound loud in the background, and for these and other reasons, the music connects effectively.

Chilldren of Indigo takes the lead with a bold and expressive vocal tone that dependably expresses the underlying feeling of each bar. Whether the moment is melodic or rapped, the flow or presentation satisfies its requirements.

Meanwhile, the music continues to play. Those unexpectedly delicate melodies reverberate around the edges, producing a wonderfully dreamy environment that actually entrances you and lets the artist’s voice and lyrics engage a little more deeply.

That soundscape glows brightly for its familiar brightness and those details that give it such color and character from the first moment you hear it. Among these is the artist’s own diversified and architecturally fascinating performance. Moments later and evolve. There’s a back and forth interaction going on, and on top of that, there’s a complex storyline to follow.

It’s a great track to vibe to and enjoy with those around you, but it’s also a great track to sit back and relax to—a well-crafted release with good performances from everyone involved.