NO GOOD by Yung Daril

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Yung Daril paints up a creative soundscape for this single NO GOOD”. The ambiance is totally unusual, bringing together a thick and heavy beat – one that meanders in its own seemingly free manner – and some retro synths that feel a little medieval in nature.

The whole track progresses in an unconfined, unpredictable way – there’s no stable structure that can be easily related to, instead, this feels like a short film or a piece of theater. However, the further into it you get, the more familiar these various building blocks become – including Yung Daril’s voice – and the more the journey starts to make sense.

On paper, perhaps you’d give this a simple stamp of identity under the hip hop genre or something a little more closely connected to nineties RnB – there’s a nostalgic touch to the hook, and the acoustic flickers alongside the beat. In reality, though, there’s far more to this music and this moment of expression than a simple genre label can convey.

For one, the ambiance has a fairly unique set-up – the opening moments showcase the hook, a collection of voices echoing around you, and the music brings together that comforting loop of acoustic picking, soaked in reverb and further echoes that bounce around. All of this is delicate though, calming to listen to – the melodic vocal is softly soulful, not overdoing the performance but almost whispering the ideas to you. It feels very intimate. Then as the rap vocal comes into play, the mood changes slightly – becomes a little more energizing; the lyrics feed into this further. The rhyme scheme throws out image after image, painting a clear picture and all the while seeing the audience become more and more entranced by the smooth confidence of that voice.

Coming through at almost three minutes long, this is much more of an experience than most hip-hop songs tend to be. And yet it’s subtle; nothing screams out at you for attention. The song works on the strength and character of its writing and of Yung Daril’s laid-back, colorful aura. Well worth a listen and I look forward to hearing more.

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