NorthSide Vkay – EBK Freestyle

Despite his young age, Montreal’s NorthSide Vkay pushes with passion, skill, confidence, and the surprising relaying of his world throughout this deep and immersive Freestyle dubbed “EBK,” which takes your attention and holds you captive for a brief but mighty two minutes.

Despite being only two minutes long, the single has the impact of a significant hit, connecting with listeners for its genuineness, melodic textures, and emotion, as well as engaging them with each bar that comes through. 

A single listening session is insufficient. You can see the intelligence and detail in the lines, and the entire ambiance, along with the real-time images, beckons you to dive in again and again.

On the other hand, genuine assurance on the mike stands in stark contrast to the simplicity of the presentation – bars that impress while also feeling honest and courageous in his production. Furthermore, the grit and character of NorthSide Vkay’s voice add to the authenticity and attraction of his music by bringing it to life.

A degree of the soul is injected into the track through the Freestyle titled “EBK,” which has a lively bounce and an optimistic, meandering vocal flow that creates a traditional performance style that is continually engaging and energizing. 

A pleasant respite after the prior melancholy is another high moment for the story’s music, melody, and overall presentation.

The bars can be unrelenting at times, scarcely pausing to take a breath – but they never fail to impress and engage the listener along the way. A powerful rap anthem for the year, as well as a fitting tribute to hip hop’s historical roots.

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