Not a Lie by Swenty Tix

Swenty Tix takes a classic and skilled approach to hip hop with a show that captivates from the start and never ceases to impress and enthrall its audience. “Not a Lie” features a polished finish, a stylish pace, and a superbly rhythmic leading vocal delivery that confidently and delightfully intelligently pours lyrics through.

Swenty Tix is an 18-year-old hip-hop musician from the United States who began recording music in his bedroom in the summer of 2021. Swenty, who is now residing in Moscow, Russia, writes and engineers all of his own music.

Swenty Tix’s lyrical style and melody rapidly grow on your senses; there’s something comfortingly timeless about it. We recall the days when hip hop was defined by story-telling and emotion rather than by speed, volume, or hype. 

His ideas and approach to expressing have a sincerity to them, and the tune is very inventive on top of that, so you end up with something that efficiently stands out among its peers.

Swenty Tix’s voice has a distinct tone, and his delivery style is significantly more character-filled than most recent hip-hop releases. His music may fit into a specific niche, reaching out to a large, undeniably receptive audience. 

The bigger the beat and the more solid the vibrancy, the more recognizable it becomes. The first few bars of music create a sense of anticipation for the drop that follows.

And when this is paired with the leading voice’s sheer intensity and volume, the result is something that holds nothing back, hides nothing in terms of drive and aim, and serves as a perfect leader for those with a similar goal.

“Not a Lie” will attract fans of classic hip hop, but not in the typical or predictable manner. The source of inspiration is obvious, yet the end result is unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

Swenty Tix does what he does, and he does it with an outstanding balance of creativity and professionalism. It’s worth a listen, and I’m looking forward to hearing more.