Not Knebworth1996 My version of Oasis Champagne Supernova by Ben Jordan

Stunning riffs, impeccable musicianship, provocative thinking – from an amazing soul who never fails to maintain a level of artistic integrity & realness. A musical beauty – organic guitars, acoustic world vibes with a classic clap for a rhythm, rising up into electronic realms for a fully immersive journey. 

Ben Jordan is a well-talented solo artist who is just 18 years old and he is very much passionate about Pop music and songwriting as well. Not Knebworth1996 is his recently released cover song which has a colorful touch all over the track. Fantastic performance is fresh and engaging, easily memorable. Hopefully, this is a strong indication of what we can look forward to from Ben Jordan as the months & years go by.

The energy rises and rises, the video more than meeting the needs of this evolutionary shift. And what’s more, rather than simply being interesting or unusual, the song satisfies in a classically pop-inspired manner – the hook is superb, addictive, and enveloping as it pours through again and again towards the end.

Even though Ben Jordan is a young artist, he has already seen and recognized what he is capable of. When you witness this awesome track, you all will figure how amazingly he performs on the stage and the confidence that he has. Blend in a leading vocal of equal softness, and a series of poetic reflections, and the whole thing connects for its intimacy and sense of honesty and longing as well.