OH-YOU by R3ymond

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R3ymond’s sound showcases a variety of influences that fuse well to build something notably creative and simultaneously atmospheric. You can lose yourself to the sound of OH-YOU”, the beat alone evolves fairly consistently – the musicality of the piece has been utilized and taken control of as much as the lyricism, and this is the key to a complete work of art when making music.

There’s a certain unity between everything involved in the track. The developing passion in the lyrics and in the vocal performance is supported and enhanced at every moment by the surrounding instrumentation. The structure of the piece reflects this incredibly well, the music and the ideas go hand in hand, and this makes for a captivating and forever interesting listening experience.

The track has an attitude, a smooth and confident sort of style that hits with a seemingly effortless power. R3ymond’s flow throughout is varied and underlines a number of different abilities, including that of a more melodic delivery rather than purely rap. The energy and passion are consistent, as is the wordplay – always keeping things fresh and interesting. There’s a good balance between storytelling and personality, the two fuse well among the musical backdrop and make for what is a striking and easy to get into piece of modern hip-hop.

Individuality is hugely important in independent music, and with R3ymond’s music you get a good mixture of this with a comforting sense of familiarity – the music put out has been written and produced by a lover and evident master of the genre. For where it falls in the music world, it’s a job done superbly, not least of all because of that undeniably catchy and memorable hook. The good news is, there’s plenty more music where that came from – R3ymond is a dedicated artist with a whole collection of music for you to delve into.

As an artist, R3ymond offers open and unapologetic lyricism, creative musical sculpting, and a personal truth that is likely to connect with a number of audiences who have been through similar experiences or are feeling the same way about their current circumstances. The best art always comes from a willingness to show your true colors and to express those inner feelings that are otherwise painted over or ignored, particularly in mainstream music. This single is beautiful and comes with a fearless level of expression and a relevant element of the unexpected that undeniably works in its favor. Hopefully there’s more to come.

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