Old Village by Michael Kwok

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Whatever you might be expecting from a track named Old Village”, what you get is probably right on point. The new release from artist Michael Kwok is infectiously rhythmic and undeniably upbeat. Arriving just in time for the end of the summer season, hopefully the good vibes and laid back sentiment will keep listeners and fans of instrumental music alike feeling joyful for a little while longer.

Old Village” is a well produced piece of music that simply plays the role of leaving its mark in the minds of anyone who hears it. That rhythm is addictive in itself, and the arrangement of the hook on top of this makes for something that you’ll struggle to get out of your head for quite some time. The song leaves its mark almost instantly, – the creative backdrop is a huge strong point, as are the unpredictable, somewhat chaotic soundscape that consistently encapsulates this concept of being outcasts. It’s a well produced song in many respects, not least of all for its unwavering piano chords. The idea is one that many listeners will relate to, and the way it’s been approached has something undeniably fresh about it.

The style and character speaks for itself more and more as the track progresses, and that hook section is huge – as mentioned; it’s really one that makes sure you remember it after listening. The musicality surrounding and supporting it is a big part of why it works so well. The production on this release is flawless, creative yet professional with every moment. Structurally the whole thing has been composed and crafted effectively so as to reach out and grab and later hold on to your attention right up until the very end.

The song has a sensational melody, without a doubt – hearing it once is remembering it for the long term, hearing it twice is setting in stone the fact that this is smooth and satisfying. “Michael Kwok” has done a great job by producing and creating these kinds of Piano based tracks for all the audience out there. 

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