OPA by IAO Carla

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IAO Carla’s OPA unites raw percussion work and free-flowing afro vocals for a summer anthem that naturally energizes, stylishly blending genres and keeping things aptly connected to both the nostalgic and contemporary implications of its title.

On a devoted high, IAO Carla introduces herself as an artist and rapper, progressing from its catchy hook through faster-paced verses and a subtly varied flow to ultimately showcase a vocalist and performer with an eclectic and capable approach to the mic.

IAO achieves a welcome balance between the inspiring sense of possibility at its core and the more personal and revealing anecdotes that allow fans to build on that connection with the artist at work, which is structurally refreshing in its mainstream set-up of chorus-verse-chorus. The result is a believable, approachable, and memorable anthem that is easy to get into but packed with grit and detail when you listen closely. 

IAO Carla is a singer-songwriter who grew up in Morocco with Greek and Egyptian culture. Always having a passion for raw percussion, spiritual chants, and strings, Carla now records, performs, and writes music in the United States. Her groovy beats, insolent rhythms, and heart-striking melodies are part of the futuristic mix her sounds offer: a trippy fusion of afro-beats, transcending melodies, and electronic groove. Afro-pop and dance-pop are two genres that best describe her music.

OPA is an afro-funk song that makes you want to get up and dance. The percussion is raw, and the vocals flow freely, making it an anthem for summer.

If you’re looking for a song to get you moving and groove, look no further than IAO Carla’s OPA. With its mix of afro-beats, transcending melodies, and electronic groove, you’ll be sure to get your body moving.

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