Put it down by Tez Nubian Queen Hip Hop

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Put it down” is the sort of track that makes certain you’re aware of its presence. The musical backdrop has a looping ambiance that hints at an uplifting essence and content intended to inspire and motivate. The leading vocal however comes through a somewhat manic pace that contrasts hugely with the underlying peace of the instrumentation. It’s an impressive and unwavering flow, offering a consistent level of energy and precision and passion that grips throughout.

“Put it down” is something completely different, yet the familiar sound of Tez Nubian Queen Hip Hops voice comes through with an equally genuine and easy to embrace level of passion and realness. The track begins with the hook, a lengthy key moment that pours out lyrics from the offset and gets you soaked in the sentiment of the song almost instantly. As things move forwards, the verses are where the intensity and the real truth happens.

Not one to hold back, the honesty and openness of the lyrics is commendable, unfiltered – an outpouring of reflective ideas and life experiences and lessons learned. This is the all too familiar concept of an artist’s struggle to express and to be heard and understood, but outside of the concept; everything is loaded with individuality. Tez Nubian Queen Hip Hop’s own perspective and his approach regarding this journey is far from familiar – it’s fresh, it’s fearless, and it speaks an unquestionable truth that is likely to reach out and connect with any number of compassionate listeners and fans of heartfelt, authentic hip-hop. Tez Nubian Queen Hip Hop talks of rap battles, the hard times, the inner strength and drive required to push through. The detail is immense and this makes for a pretty incomparable string of storytelling.

The structure of the track is notably unique and interesting to witness. The melodic hook comes through with the familiar vocal effect of much of modern hip-hop, however it’s used here in an uncommon way, and the melody arrives as a fairly tuneful contrast to the weight of the surrounding sections. The duo undoubtedly offer something fresh and true to their own preferences and their own sense of style and personality.

The music takes up a lot of space within the track, it’s not merely a backdrop for them to consistently rap upon, the pair have crafted the release with music and mood in mind, and this creativity is something that shines consistently. The melodic section is repeated relentlessly towards the end of the track, giving off that electronic rock or even EDM vibe – as mentioned earlier. The vibe remains fairly mellow, but the whole thing takes on a new and unexpected identity. This is something that seems to be true throughout Tez Nubian Queen Hip Hop’s catalog of releases. Fans of original and creative hip-hop should check it out. No doubt their live shows present a lot of passion and individuality.

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