Rak Lo Levater by Itamar Katz

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Rak Lo Levater” goes hard with a spacious rhythm and flow that fuses the quickness of clever hip-hop and the mellow movement of rap, all along with a thick soundscape and beat that further the character of the whole thing with simple power. The music is refreshingly organic, leaving plenty of room for the instrumentation to shine and for the leading performance to work its magic.

As an artist, Itamar Katz’s confidence and flow draw you right into the center of the action. Without even picking up on the subject matter initially you’re inclined to pay attention, his voice has the strength and tone to gain interest, and his performance varies relevantly throughout to make-sure that interest is maintained.

This single has the musical bliss of any great dance release, yet what’s enjoyable here is the minor touch of lyricism that reinforces that concept and that motivational energy of the music. You feel inclined to cease the moment, as the track does. The experience is less than four minutes, a surprisingly radio-worthy release for a producer of music designed to enlighten your head-space. The ambiance is as eclectic and interesting as ever, beautiful even, in the way these sounds and synths have been crafted and combined. Much more than this though, the pace and brightness of the track’s rhythm drives its way into your consciousness from the first few moments.

The type of rap that Itamar Katz offers up has a lot to it that is fairly fresh sounding. He’s not simply mimicking other artists and is not particularly reminiscent of anyone else at all – which is great; that voice is his, everything from the tone, the mellow yet deep performance style, and even the slight hint of an accent, you know who you’re listening to. The flow of the rap performance is really easy to listen to, it adds to the summertime vibe created by the music and the chorus melody, and so the whole thing is very complete sounding – every element is united, working in the same direction, setting the same scene.

At less than four minutes long, more releases are a must. The music strikes as a meeting of genres but expressed in a minimalist way that lays bare the strength of the creativity and the lyricism. There’s no overloading of the soundscape because it’s simply not needed when the songwriting and artistry are of such a high quality.

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