Rebellion by Ghostgal

Rebellion, a musically engaging, impressive, and atmospheric instrumental composed by artist/composer Ghostgal, has a slew of creative treasures laid down by the composer.

As this profoundly uplifting, motivating, and purposeful new piece of music by Ghostgal enters the scene, creative production and robust sound design come together with firmly-planted intentions.

The track “ Rebellion introduces the listener to a uniquely dramatic blend of hip hop weight and handcrafted melodic lightness, with equal parts darkness and light.

Despite a gloomy undertone running through much of the setup, the melodic resolve holds out a glimpse of hope for the future. After a while, the song begins to loop around the listener, evoking a kind of lo-fi, study-session vibe, but it can easily be transformed into late-night enthusiasm if you need to switch things up a bit.

Music that’s lovely to listen to and slightly provocative in subtle ways — tempting the mind to wander while delicately guiding it with indications of intention. 

With Rebellion’s entrance into the room, all of this is amplified to an almost joyful degree. Increasingly slowly but steadily, the energy builds, shifts, and tumbles, eventually compelling a change in an emotional state.

A brilliantly intriguing and focused single with completely original production and inventiveness, to put it briefly. Rebellion is a classic go-to that is definitely worth sharing with friends now that summer is coming.