REVEL CAFE by Michael Bannerman (Upside of Maybe) and Ali Matthews

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Michael Bannerman and Ali Matthews merge sincere country songwriting with multi-layered organic Americana music for this cheery yet revealing and deeply moving tune, which is immediately captivating for its riff-led sense of melody and promises increasing expectation from the start.

With its surprisingly approachable voices and a concentration on the classic country style rather than the performer, REVEL CAFE gives the listener an appreciation for the occasion and the company of good friends. It’s a song that will hook you from the first listen.

MICHAEL BANNERMAN, the lead singer of the award-winning, roots-based pop/rock group UPSIDE OF MAYBE, decided that in order to maintain his “sanity,” he would try to learn a “new” classic country tune each week from artists such as Hank Williams, Randy Travis, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Charlie Pride, and others (and many more). He was quickly “inspired” by this old country genre and decided to try his hand at writing something similar… and thus, “Revel Cafe” was created. However, it was evident that this song was meant to be sung as a duet, so Michael contacted another Stratford local, the award-winning, “uber-talented” singer/songwriter Ali Matthews. She agreed swiftly to help with the tune, and a new country hit was born.

The new single, which features equal parts folk-country organic and crisp, contemporary production, follows the artist’s meandering, accessible pop-rock vocal through an appealing verse melody to the elevation and resolution of the hook.

“Revel Cafe” describes how wonderful it is to enjoy a cup of coffee with someone. It is a song about the joy of friendship and spending time with those you love… and maybe, just maybe, finding that “special someone” to share your life with. 

A moving song with a simple message, “Revel Cafe” is a perfect example of the talent and versatility of Michael Bannerman and Ali Matthews.

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