An easily addictive new track, with talent at its core but professionalism and clever, likable song-writing alongside this. Getting the chemistry just right in the contemporary hip-hop and Rap scene. KSMG is a talented, upcoming artist who always has a passion for music and he always wants to entertain the people out there with his awesome tracks.

“REVENGE” is freshly released by KSMG which has a truly amazing vibe all over the track. Without a doubt, this whole thing will give you an awesome chilling vibe. As the audience you all can feel and see fantastic song-writing, firstly – an unusually mellow hook with an addictive descending progression to it, resolving in a fresh way from the upfront clarity and ache of the verses. This one has the chemistry just right.

Introducing a brilliantly crisp and warm sound, with soulful vocals will catch your ear and the soul at the same time. You all will love the flow, unique touch, clarity, and chemistry on the track itself. Nicely produced and presented, KSMG is showing his colors in a passionate way as well. 

KSMG has a style of his own, a complex manner of writing that shines brightly for its honesty and smart, sharp presentation alike. Superb musicianship really lights up the arrangement, making this magnificent single one of the most refreshing yet also nostalgic to emerge so far this year.  Listen loud.

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