Revive My Light by Talla 2XLC & Alexandra Badoi

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Talla 2XLC collaborates with the beloved Romanian singer Alexandra Badoi for the ultimate uplifting vocal trance anthem of the summer Revive My Light on That’s Trance.  Revive My Light” is the sort of track that makes certain you’re aware of its presence. The musical backdrop has a looping ambiance that hints at an uplifting essence and content intended to inspire and motivate. The leading vocal however comes through a somewhat manic pace that contrasts hugely with the underlying peace of the instrumentation. It’s an impressive and unwavering flow, offering a consistent level of energy and precision and passion that grips throughout. The breakdown is truly inspiring with piano chords that go easily under your skin and raise the hair from head to toe. Alexandra always wins the listeners with her distinctive voice and her performance of the heartfelt lyrics is standing out from the rest. 

The journey throughout this release, the extended mix in particular, showcases a phenomenal level of detail and sound exploration. The core of the sound is always present, the rhythm, the pace, the synthesized wave of notes. Alongside of this though, the release presents a structure that throws in more than a few snippets of alternate reality, occasionally making for something that feels much more like a multi-sensory experience than simply audio. There’s a touch of spoken word, a few moments of industrial breakdown alongside the smoothness, and there are definite instances of grit and emotion that provoke intense thought.

Creativity is the key these days in such a free-flowing, ever expanding world of music, and Talla 2XLC & Alexandra Badoi’s sound is categorically unique in its approach to expression and musical artistry. Much more than this though, rather than veering off in some unknown, ineffective direction, simply to gather a crowd, the song and the music have been masterfully crafted and performed so as to really utilize those hypnotic and mesmerizing qualities in the way that all great music must. And it works.

The whole thing is quite simple in construction – the melody, a laid back chord progression, a consistent level of energy – not rising or falling too intensely at any point. However, there’s an air of something else about it; the unexpected instrumental choices, the leading vocal performance, the concept. The chemistry has it just right, and the output makes for a truly enjoyable and captivating few minutes of audio escapism.

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