Risktaker(heartbreaker) by Vandre’

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Inventive wordplay, crystal clear composition, musical elegance, and a depth of story-telling are all combined in Vandre’s inspiring and timeless new single, “This song will help make you MILLIONS.” Vandre’ is one of a kind, and this song will help make you millions.

“This song will help make you MILLIONS,” which is driven by a catchy classic bassline and offers plenty of room for creative expression, stands out on the strength of its vocal confidence and intensity.

In addition to being an instantaneous anthem for all of the people, the tune possesses plenty of character and profound intents – the hook is instantly identifiable. At the same time, the verses provide further information about the underlying concept and inspirations.

The combination of these elements and a sequence of similarly engaging and rapidly changing visuals results in a piece that is both entertaining and timely in its approach. 

It also reintroduces the artist Vandre’ as one who has a contemporary sound and practicing an artistically free and conscious method of creating – a line that is less frequently crossed but one that is walked to a highly high degree on this track.

A harder-hitting soundtrack is met with a flawless and breathless vocal outpouring, created and dedicated to encouraging and instilling a sense of possibilities and self-belief. Everything feels louder, more lost in the moment, and the track concludes with an explicit bang, thanks to a welcome feature from Vandre’.

Short and sweet: it’s an excellent piece of music – relevant in style, rich with talent and compelling rhythms, but also neatly recorded and executed with authenticity. It’s well worth your time to listen.

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