Santa Cause Blues by Mr John Mullings

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“Mr John Mullings” is an artist with a fresh energy and a passion for artistic expression, and if this first release is anything to go by – the next few months should hopefully bring a collection of new and notable music.

The track “Santa Cause Blues’ ‘ has a great energy once it kicks in. There’s a very classic feel to the song, and indeed all of these songs. It’s not driven by the sharp edge that Jazzy Blues often has, but a more mellow, emotional kind of energy, the sort that isn’t often stumbled upon these days. The melody of the hook on this particular track really leaves its mark.

As the track progresses there’s a lot to appreciate. The instrumentation varies and grows throughout, the instrument features heavily on Santa Cause Blues”, and the subject matter of this one suits the backdrop beautifully. Most of us can relate to the lyrics of the song, though it’s not commonly touched upon in such a way – once again, it has that classic indie approach that takes a common situation and expresses it in some new, reflective, yet unpredictable way. The instrument part is gorgeous, a simple riff that fills the space between vocal parts with pure grace.

The song has taken a musically minimalist approach, a laid back level of instrumentation, which is the perfect choice when you listen to the strength of the artist’s leading vocal and the raw and genuine nature of the lyrics. The simplistic musicality leaves plenty of space for the realness to step forwards and really wow listeners. You get to witness the depth and feeling of the song as it slowly builds and builds, and the effect is striking – there are few singers that can withstand this sort of stripped back musical ambiance, and furthermore stand so tall and strong amidst it. Mr John Mullings’s voice has an effortless beauty and power about it that carries the meaning of the song with flawless accuracy.

The mellow moments within the song are hugely effective, they make the build up to those bigger, more energetic parts much more exciting. The hook itself joins together a simple chord progression and an equally simplistic yet instantly memorable melody. The track has been produced in a way that really brings out the energy of those bigger moments brilliantly, and still highlights the quieter, more reflective moments with equal power.

It’s a personal song, by all accounts, but it’s one that many audiences are likely to be able to relate to. The positive energy and overall output of the song suits the subject matter well, and it is, without a doubt, a song that will get caught in your mind pretty easily – perhaps even after just one listen.

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