Slide by Ridge The Kidd

Ridge The Kidd is a musician who knows how to create an atmosphere and a moment with his songs, both musically and vocally. “Slide” immediately introduces that sort of creativity, gradually establishing an atmosphere that is both current and upbeat around its listeners.

Ridge The Kidd is up next, and his songs can be screamed and shouted. Coming from Lewisburg, Tennessee, then moved to Michigan in back and forth till 7th grade and finished school there and moved back down after two years of graduation to pursue his goal. he has a lot on his plate. His upbringing wasn’t bad, but the difficulties he faced growing up weren’t. 

It was a long path through sorrow and drug misuse, and he then decided to devote his life to music after being a major fan since he was a child. Michael Jackson, Kevin Gates, The Kidd Laroi, and many others are among his main influences. He’s presently focusing on music full-time and making his own tracks nonstop. The man figured it out!

Ridge The Kidd’s abilities as a musician and as a producer are evident from the beginning of this composition. It’s a rain of bubbly and peppy with this hip hop-soaked, electric drum-and-bass offering that will leave you feeling as if you’re the live setup in the middle of an inspiringly frantic universe.

“Slide” has the effect of drawing the listener’s attention to the snicket, crispy beat, and, of course, the vocal performance by Ridge The Kidd. Or, more accurately, lyrics — there’s a wide variety of them on show.

With the help of extensive use of reverb and delay, they create an arrangement that has a great deal of ebb and flow, much like the action of waves lapping on a beach, which is quite beautiful. As a result, the overall impression is one of sumptuous richness.

Everything has a polished appearance. In equal measure, it’s lively and quickly familiar, with a hook that sinks in as well as the artist’s approach and a considerable bit of musical adequacy that sets it apart from the majority of recent releases.

Things may be peppy without being heaving or attempting to maintain obscenely fast tempos, and Ridge The Kidd is an entertainer who does it admirably.