Sound Of Math – On Fire Without A Chance

Sound Of Math, a Brussels-based emerging musician who enjoys crafting post-rock and instrumental music, has returned with an uplifting and hard-hitting piece of music titled “On Fire Without A Chance.”

With this uniquely provocative, fascinating, and musically tremendous new single, Brussels’ Sound Of Math demonstrates the power of pure escapism in creativity and music.

Sound Of Math re-sets your mood with ease throughout an almost four-minute “On Fire Without A Chance,” stylishly merging the warm embrace of post-rock track with a distinctly melodic edge and shards of mesmerizing, immersive intricacy.

Things quickly escalate and, in fact, erupt into daring and passionate realms. The musician consistently surrenders himself to the moment, prompting the audience to do the same.

“On Fire Without A Chance,” which opens with complete creative freedom and undeniably great musical work, is at once an ambient, cinematic wash of calm and a hard-hitting post-rock anthem designed to really get a listener ready for whatever it is they’ve been putting off.

The transition between portions is slight at first, but it is an essential component of this nearly four-minute journey for the underlying anticipation. It works its effect early on, and after the heart rate is up, things fade away into that colorful, peaceful realm for a dreamy, mesmerizing follow-up that connects naturally.

Incredible musicianship and a unique composing style that goes through everything from the opening riff to the set-up, framework, and pure passion and post-rock intensity in the second half are highlighted at every turn. This one will have you hooked on Sound Of Math. So far, my personal favorite of the year.

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