SoundGood: A Global Harmony in Country Music

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SoundGood, orchestrated by singer-songwriter Leo Alcenius, harmonizes the world’s melodies through the strings of country music. Leo’s penmanship and production breathe life into every song, resonating with audiences across continents, from the heartlands of America to the landscapes of Europe and South Africa.

“Live & Learn” encapsulates SoundGood’s ethos, echoing the universal journey of growth and resilience. With Leo’s soulful lyrics and the collective talents of session players spanning the globe, the song paints a portrait of life’s lessons and triumphs.

Join SoundGood on a musical voyage where borders blur, and cultures converge, as they weave a tapestry of country tunes that resonate with the human experience, reminding us that in every note, there’s a story waiting to be heard.

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