Stars In The Roof by Taclord

Stars In The Roof is an amazing hip-hop track and a must-listen for every hip-hop fan out there. Leading with an immediately thoughtful, ambient, and inviting soundscape, the track soon progresses from gentle to explosive, as both the beat and rap vocals hit the mix with a certain raw, real, and upfront intensity. It creates a strangely captivating, seemingly arbitrary yet ultimately relevant backdrop to this powerful new single from rapper and artist Taclord. The blending of these delicate layers with those that hit with greater impact is a huge tie to the underlying concept of the song.

Taclord is a young talented hip-hop artist based in South Carolina. He has been recording and mastering for the past two years.  He is a dedicated artist who gives his heart and soul to every song he makes.Taclord further captivates with his words – these deeply poetic, literary phrases and this scene-setting is compelling, somehow lulling you to focus more intently on the visual scenes – the powerful juxtaposition between mainstream life and the atrocities that take place elsewhere. His style, which is different from other artists, is a refreshing change for every hip-hop fan who is looking for new exciting music. That has helped him to be the center of a loyal fan base.

Stars In The Roof tackles all of this, pouring intelligent and conscious rap into a cinematic soundscape and visual storyline, to ultimately engage and immerse listeners in a contemplative, provocative realm. You’re prompted to think, to consider, and to weigh up the truth of the matter and your own role within all of this. It’s far from simple music, far from simple phrasing, but this lyrical and conceptual quality is incredibly refreshing right now. Well worth a few listens. 

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