Stereotypical by T. Royce

With his latest release, “Stereotypical,” T. Royce delivers a take on modern hip hop that is drenched in a variety of sources of inspiration. The initial riff, for example, has a precise, engaging feel despite the smooth and warm aura. The following beat, in comparison, has a lot more classic rap vibe – which works well because it’s nostalgic and straightforward in setting the tone and laying the groundwork for the lyrics that follow.

T. Royce, an artist originally from the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area who currently resides in Los Angeles, is evident in his love and dedication to music. His track takes on a light and party-like tone with the inclusion of the featured artist, both of whom are from or dwell in the Tri-State area.

He created his own record label two years ago and has worked tirelessly to see it thrive.

He has, however, previously released work through his studio under the moniker “Da Test Run.” This song will be on his upcoming studio album, which is currently being recorded. We don’t know when it’ll be released, but we’re looking forward to hearing it.

T. Royce makes a strong comeback with “Stereotypical.” What begins as a classically lively composition, with a basic melody and an effortlessly uplifting beat, quickly transforms into one of the year’s most furious and lyrically expressive hip-hop fusion tracks.  

This track by T. Royce is incredible – the adrenaline of the beat in the later part, the simplicity of the ambiance allowing the pure strength of the lyrics and wordplay and performances stand firm as it should; this is the core of the genre. Listen at least twice or three times to catch every bar.

T. Royce’s ability to explore ideas and tales in a creative, aesthetic, and rhythmic manner is always awe-inspiring. Simultaneously, he pours his heart and soul into his performances, which adds even more value.

The novelty is rather refreshing, and you’ll surely recognize the track after hearing it even once. It’s worth a look.