Sugar Pie by Drea Mon’e

Great songwriting, a softly passionate delivery, all blended with unusual sound design for a truly interesting and also decidedly unique hit of artistry. Drea Mon’e is one of the amazing, well-talented, and young souls who always believes in music. “Sugar Pie” is her freshly released single with a great passion for the track.

Leading with a stylishly timeless backdrop and a smooth, sultry chord progression, Drea Mon’e takes on a fresh melody and clear vocal passion throughout this intimate yet bold new single. If you have noticed she kicks to start the track with a heavy and interesting punch and we can feel the same strength throughout the track. 

Without a doubt “Sugar Pie” is a creative production that offers cinematic detailing just briefly and Drea Mon’e nicely brought this marvelous outcome with a unique touch to the track. A beautifully humble track with a timeless quality and a calm yet confident delivery – from a clearly passionate and emotionally authentic Drea Mon’e.

Drea Mon’e is truly passionate about R&B, Trap genres and she knows how to deal with the same in a unique manner. Vocally unusual in its accessible, up-front and this talented soul has used an interesting tone to this track, of course, this tone adds a different yet beautiful color to the track. Breathy vocals and soulful melodies rise and fall throughout a nice soundscape for this seductive track “Sugar Pie.” Listen to this magnificent track below links and stay tuned with her to witness her awesome work in the future.

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