Summertime Memory by Harmony Dreamers

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You really just immediately fall for the soundscape in this awesome track “Summertime Memory” by “Harmony Dreamers” from the moment the music begins. Before you know the story before you can skip ahead to form any expectations. The playing is sublime, the softness and the skill, a wonderfully mellow rhythm, and expression, followed soon after by a voice that is perfectly in keeping with the overall feel of the music.

For those who are fans of Synthpop music, this track has everything you could want; with memorable melodies and a flawlessly produced backing track, the whole thing just flows out through the speakers and into your consciousness. The added benefit of this particular track is that it focuses exclusively and unflinchingly on something positive and uplifting. There is nothing that you wouldn’t want your family to hear, there is nothing derogatory, there is no sign of the artist using anything but their skill and their vocal ability to make the point – and the same goes for the accompanying music video. It’s an absolute winner of a Synthpop record.

What I thought worked particularly well for this music is that there is a certain humble character entwined within the performance. These subtle qualities shine brightly as the notes and the words play out. It feels like someone you want to trust, and someone who is not overly aware of their own talent and creative ability, which is just lovely to hear. There’s no need to fight for the limelight, no need to be loud or flashy. The music speaks louder than any amplification ever could. There’s strength in that, and sadly it often gets forgotten. I’m glad to hear that the spirit of songwriting and the power of music, as music, is still very much alive.

Summertime Memory” is a track that oozes positivity and optimism, there is not enough music put out in the mainstream industry these days that do that, so we wish Harmony Dreamers all the best with their craft. 

There’s a huge amount of emotion in singers’ voices, there’s a distinct style to their vocal performance, a unique tone that carries with it a certain sort of vulnerability – which is not often heard in pop music. What it does, particularly in the case of this kind of song, is reach out more effectively to those who are most likely to be moved by such a track. It gives listeners a more believable narrative, someone they can relate to, someone they can trust and understand. I think that’s possibly one of the strongest elements of this song. That personal touch really brings out the bare emotions, those which ultimately lead to the creation of the project in the first place.

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