Sun & Shower (‘EBY’s MicroParty’ ‘360’ video at Cursus Keme in AVL, NC) by Electric Blue Yonder

Openly exposed purely and powerfully, the traveling band of intrepid space folk explorers Electric Blue Yonder (EBY) delivers a fiercely delicate performance, Folk, Pop, Spacefolk, and Children’s “Sun & Shower” while poetically engaging their audience.

Electric Blue Yonder (EBY) is a traveling band of intrepid space folk explorers who investigate the mysteries of the universe and report their findings through song. The band is described as “Real American Space Folk,” drawing inspiration from 1960s psychedelic folk, surf, and cosmic country-rock. And David Bowie and Pink Floyd’s Space Age prog/art rock explorations, all while shifting time to early roots and parlor-style guitar. The result is a genre-defying mix that evokes a sense of nostalgia while also transporting you to unknown territory.

Electric Blue Yonder’s softly expressive tale and peaceful melody weave a hopeful and fascinating web of escape around listeners from the start until folk-pop rhythm and brightness light up the room.

“Sun & Shower,” the beautifully titled and completely engulfing single, stands firm on the strength of its subtlety and gentleness. With these organic layers and the composition’s essential reflections, the artist captures the idea of freedom and purity.

“Sun & Shower” emerges from easy, appealing beginnings, built upon the standard blocks of gorgeous folk-pop – neatly mixed, structurally adequate by strengthening the changing moods and melodies with the proper underlying energy instrumentally.

After drifting over numerous peaceful waves of poetry and serenity, the entire thing comes to a graceful close, leaving you to want to return and re-experience it all in order to get a touch more intellectual clarity.

Electric Blue Yonder’s insightful composition and leading vocal commitment shine brightly here, combining genres and influences together in an ultimately unspecific manner, conveying a strong personality that will hopefully stand tall in future recordings and live concerts.

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