The Come up by Punch (NSBizzy)

Punch is a hip-hop musician and rapper from London who approaches hip hop with an unwavering sense of energy, passion, and flow. “The Come up” is an immensely vibrant track. It serves as an outline to the artist and his sound in a way that is impossible to overlook.

Punch is a Stone Bridge Estate rapper. After being introduced to rap/hip-hop at the age of 12, he became obsessed with it. Punch is a young London hip-hop musician and composer best known for tracks such as “Smoking” and “Grinding All My Life.” Punch has a particular approach and regularly addresses issues that other artists shun as artists. Listening to his songs suggests that he is pretty proud of his individuality.

Punch was exposed to Tupac as a young boy by his uncle, who sparked Tupac’s interest in music. He sharpened his skills by recording radio music and rapping over them because money was limited at the time. Punch was not the most passionate kid in school, but that all changed in English class. Punch knew he had a skill at a young age. “You can’t listen to other people; you have to be YOU,” he says. Make your own judgments, be confident in yourself, and live and grow.”

“The Come Up” is a hard-hitting single by the artist, which enhances the hip-hop and rap experience to a greater level. The tune has elements of melody and rap and a catchy riff, which results in an upbeat, synth-driven soundscape that exudes a strong sense of energy.

“The Come Up” is an addictive release that is rich in both originality and experience, presenting a rapper with exceptional levels of proficiency in both lyrical (composition, wordplay) and delivery.

Punch’s instantly recognizable voice and intensity, as well as these profound, provocative, and sophisticated ideas, all return to catapult you back into the center of the frenzy. Something new stands out and attracts your attention with each successive listen.

“The Come Up” is a song that grabs your attention musically before you even consider the profundity of the underlying idea. The vibe is spot on, and the production is inventive and snappy. 

There’s a minimalist feel to it in some respects, yet every piece included unquestionably contributes to enhancing the soundscape’s inherent distinctiveness.