The Fast Life by A Ali

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Ali keeps his proactive and crunchy for the quirky new anthem, The Fast Life, with creative production that briefly offers cinematic detailing before a powerfully bass-heavy groove kicks in and explodes the speakers.

A Ali is a Portsmouth, Virginia-born American songwriter, screenwriter, and producer. Ali developed an interest in writing at a young age after witnessing his next-door neighbor being fatally shot and killed right in front of him. Ali grew up in section 8 housing with little more than a few toys and a keyboard. He grew up listening to Chuck D, NWA, Wu-Tang Clan, and other groups from the 1990s to the 2000s. They’ve all had a significant influence on how he approaches the entire music-making process now.

Ali got his first break in May of 2012 when a promoter on the website BlackPlanet held a contest to determine what the website’s theme song would be once Radio One acquired it.

The Fast Life keeps you intrigued throughout and retains a strong rhythm and vibe with the synths and quiet confidence of the performances, despite being lyrically fascinating but not always easy to follow due to the production effects.

The Fast Life lays bare a specific story and personal reference by bringing through a welcomed balance of rap and rhythm, with equal parts of each for contrast and a grip that connects for its vulnerability and melodic embrace.

Lyrically, Ali keeps things real, loaded with struggle and drive – implying a degree of engagement that’s refreshing and enthralling as it progresses.

Vocally strong and clear, a live delivery would definitely fill every gap and round things out nicely. Overall, the production is excellent, with an enjoyable sound, a catchy progression, and Ali’s voice that is well-suited to the style. Hopefully, there will be more music in the future.

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