The Only I Remember by Eli H

With outstanding vocal abilities, Eli H’s most recent release, “The Only I Remember,” is a song that successfully merges numerous various genres and musical styles to provide a deep-running sense. 

Eli H’s approach to music is clearly guided by a passion for and natural connection to the art form. His faith in God and his natural talent to perform with heart and soul contribute to this being a wonderfully uplifting piece of music and performance. 

The entire experience provides a multi-layered ambiance that both energizes and satisfies. You can plainly hear the setup, and you can imagine that live events – festival stages all over the world would embrace and be blessed by this type of sound.

This track contains a number of various portions that contribute to it being an exciting and fully immersive musical trip. In and of itself, the melody is absolutely pure and powerful enough to fill the space. Then, on top of that, you take the subject matter seriously — these words, and the passion with which they are delivered, connect on a profound and tragic level.

It’s a beautiful couple of minutes of music and performance. Although the overall sound resembles certain hip-hop crossovers from recent years, the detail, color, and emotion all contribute to something entirely unique and continuously valuable. Your attention is held in a variety of ways at all times.