The Sun That Does Not Set by Chrisy Mc Cullagh

As Chrisy Mc Cullagh’s genuinely uplifting, stimulating, and purposeful new album, “The Sun That Does Not Set,” enters the scene neatly, creative production and mighty sound design meet with firmly planted goals. 

“Christopher Mc Cullagh (Chrisy Mc Cullagh) is an Irish Singer/Songwriter/Composer/Post Production Sound Editor based between New York/Ireland/throughout Europe. Over the past ten years, Chrisy has traveled through North America and Europe, performing his original music steeped in World Alternative Avant-Garde Music in world-famous music venues alongside intimate pop-up shows.

The album “The Sun That Never Sets” entertains and engages the mind at the same time, with lyrical vocal layers and spoken-word pieces supported by a variety of unique soundscapes merging big-band brilliance and classic jazz.

While there’s obviously a market for this kind of lo-fi instrumental vibe, especially with the advent of study sessions on various streaming services, Chrisy Mc Cullagh has a unique way of delivering it. 

This project’s tracks keep things interesting by employing a level of composition and musical story-telling in each situation. “The Sun That Never Sets” is nicely constructed and uplifts the mood. It’s also simple to recognize, which is a plus.

Beginning with a simple loop and rising to deeper regions of emotion and atmosphere, the soundscapes on the album meander in a typical jazz cafe way. 

The rhythm section always jumps out, with a human melodic aspect at the forefront, even a fantastic flavor, but behind it is all strings, guitars, keys, and a range of energy levels.

In a nutshell, this is a brilliantly pleasant focused album with ten hard-hitting blasts of ultimately original production and inventiveness. “The Sun That Never Sets,” by Chrisy Mc Cullagh, is a timeless classic worth sharing with friends this time of year.