Till The End by The Truth Tale

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The Truth Tale, an alternative rock band, has created a legendary piece of Alt-Rock music titled “Till The End,” which is forceful, familiar yet unusual, and full of a clear artistic identity with lasting appeal.

In 2011, singer-songwriter John Allen Mitchell formed the Indy / Alternative Rock Band Project The Truth Tale. The musical journey of The Truth Tale has been influenced by a broad spectrum of inspirations and life situations. The voyage continues with the release of a new album and single in the near future.

“Till The End” is a simple yet enjoyable retro riff warped with metal-style drums and a modest, live-style vocal delivered near-spoken. The verses are very straightforward. It’s a thrilling scene, a definite high point that raises the bar.

Fantastic, an addictively happy and equally emotive getaway from a band who impresses both lyrically and musically throughout this breathtakingly contemporary and tremendous environment.

As previously stated, the words weave in poetry and personal reflection across a surprise new yet effective tune — unique writing at its best, working its magic in the midst of an equally innovative arrangement.

As we march towards an epic hook portion for “Till The End,” short lines form an instrumental back and forth. However, another aspect of the band’s voice and stylings remain consistent with their identity. The talent is unwavering, as is the songwriting, attractiveness, and interest.

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