Time by Ghostgal

Heavy and engaging, quickly prompting a volume increase, and out-rightly maintaining the essence of this concept that is Time – a track that’s difficult to ignore as it effortlessly commands you to shift gears. Impressively interesting in its own immersive, hard-hitting fashion, the new vocal mix manages to highlight the Multicore way with composition as well. 

Ghostgal is another most talented artist who is truly passionate about instrumental and hip hop music. “Time” is a freshly released instrumental track with a great, unique vibe all over this awesome piece of work. Building up brilliantly, creative as ever – likely to prove a dance-floor filler throughout the coming months. This whole thing is unique, magnificent, and attractive at the same time. Even though this is an instrumental track, this will give you a chilling, calm vibe for sure.

Incredible musicianship, and a genuinely original manner of composition that runs through everything from the opening riff to the set-up, structure, and clear emotion highlighted every step of the way. A softly, strong, passionate delivery, all blended with unusual sound design for a truly interesting and also decidedly unique hit of artistry.

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